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Everything I build is made with the finest craftsmanship and skilled efficiency. Below you’ll find some examples of items that are ready-made in my shop. Keep in mind that every item you see below can be customized to your request. And no matter what you order, you’ll receive an item of the highest quality that is made to last. Schedule a consultation with me today.

Rustic Storage Cabinets

$275 -$450

This custom cabient is equiped with 4 shelves on one half while the other acts as a large vertical storage area. This makes for a perfect place for vacums,brooms or even the kids hockey sticks.

Double Barn Door Cabinet

$500 - $750

Cedar Storage Chest

$200 - $650

Hand made cedar chest to keep things close

Flower Bed, Garden Grow Table

$200- $400

 To make a custom request for the perfect addition to your backyard and keep your vegtables high and away from rabbits and other critters.

Cedar Tables

$500  and Up

Make a request today, and inquire about other custom-made products available for immediate purchase.

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