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Furniture Repair

Handcrafted Pieces

I set out to discover a career that would combine creativity with craftsmanship. After experimenting with all kinds of materials and building, I realized my future was in becoming a Woodworker, and I opened my workshop. From custom designs to carving materials, I have an extensive skillset that I use to design, create, and inspire.


Wood Restoration

Specialized Craft

Your old wooden table and chairs or bedstead can look new again, thanks to detailed craftsmanship. Be the envy of your friends and family with newly painted, stained, repaired or even antiqued furniture. We offer special custom finishes.


Custom Design


Launched as a way to build all the objects that seemed to be missing from home. With sincere dedication and amazing drive, it is my goal to become the best Woodworker by learning and practicing the skills necessary to build the amazing products that are available today. I view pieces of wooden furniture as keepsakes, to be cherished and passed on from generation to generation.

Skills: Skills
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