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     WOOD CO 

Handcrafted Wood Items 

created with love for every customer.

Handcrafted items perfect for your home, office or outdoor area. Each piece I craft is based on my classical training but created with modern techniques so each is truly one-of-a-kind. I don’t just see this as a job, but as a passion, and am grateful for every day to be able to create works of art from customers’ beautiful ideas.

The custom furniture process produces beautiful things for you to eat on, sit on and sleep on, crafted to your exact specifications. It's furniture that you'll keep for life. 

It's a quick and stress-free process: we'll work through all the details of design, materials and delivery to get you what you really want. Choose your wood from our large selection, or I can source beautiful reclaimed wood to suit your preferences. 

Interested in a custom made furniture or goods? Contact me True North Wood co.

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     Highly Trained Tradesman, craftsman and a licensed Journeyman Plumber by trade along with a retired fulltime Fire fighter. 

     Our family came to a tuff desicion when things changed in 2020.  Covid19 created a chance for myself to turn a passion into a living, making the choice to step down as a career firefighter to open True North Wood Co.

    As family is the roots of our buisness this gave me a chance to be able to work at home in the presence of family and my two young boys.

     Our story begins with our passion for quality craftsmanship, construction and the desire to provide professional and personal care to each and every project, we strive to deliver smiles from start to finsih.

     Walking through the shop you would be able to see the custom millwork process from design to milling the wood down to size, fabricating, assembling and finishing to the end product to a wide range of custom wood finish from a aged look, to modren clean white paint, the finish is completly your choice.

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"If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life"

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“What is the difference between custom cabinets / furniture  and manufactured furniture and cabinets.  That can be bought  at my local home improvement warehouse?” Many potential clients ask this question because they are hoping to justify purchasing one product over another, rather than investigating what each offers for their particular needs.


In order to craft truly unique custom cabinets for my clients, I try and educate them about how my woodworking products differ from mass produced cabinets and accessories. To begin with, each piece is made from the finest quality solid hard and softwoods available — such as ash, beech, yellow pine, cherry, hard maple, red oak, Walnut  and many others.

    This means True North Wood Co does not use particle board or Medium Density Fiberboard in any of our cabinets, mostly because such wood composite materials are not as durable or long lasting as true hardwood or softwood species.

Custom” anything usually evokes a sense of superior craftsmanship, durability, reliability, and the use of the highest quality materials available. In some circles, it can also be associated with exclusivity and exorbitant prices, but all of our custom furniture in West Michigan are designed with a wide spectrum of clients in mind.

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Vassar, Mi

616 676 6747

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